Attitude City Spinning Between Sets at Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2008

Attitude City will be spinning between runway sets at Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2008.

The Attitude City duo consists of party rockers Jeff Dubois & Karl Frankowski, who have been throwing red-hot parties around the Twin Cities and beyond for over three years. They have also been involved with the underground fashion community, providing soundtracks for Voltage, Still In Style, Eclecticoiffeur, Twin Cities Fashion Weekend, and Elite Model Management.

With a keen musical edge honed by years of fanatical crate diving, Attitude City’s vinyl-only DJ effort cuts through the tenuous trends and genre-humping of the modern club scene. For them, it’s as simple as introducing the sexy and rare audio gems of bygone eras to handsome contemporary jams, getting them good and drunk, and letting them knock boots in your ears.

Attitude City: Your booty’s best friend


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