Year: 2005

Voltage in Pulse

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Hexagon last night for the Voltage pre-party and helped make it the biggest Wednesday night the club had seen since the day before Thanksgiving! Dan Schultz was on hand to shoot photos of the crowd and the rock star makeovers that were taking place on stage. Great music by DJ[…]

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Voltage in l’etoile

Pick up a copy of the debut Spring 2005 issue of l’etoile magazine (that’s French for “the star”) and you’ll find a terrific feature article on Voltage, as well as an article about designer Azure Marlowe, 2004 Voltage band Revolver Modele, and an article on fashion by Kristen Hasler. l’etoile editor in chief Beth Hammarlund and her staff[…]

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Voltage article in April/May issue of Industry Magazine

Brian Marx has written a fabulous article called “Sense of Sound” about Voltage in Industry Magazine with some great quotations from Anna Lee. (Industry is the petite glossy fashion/music/culture mag you may have seen around.) See the Industry website for their numerous Twin Cities distribution locations, and pick up a copy. They’re free. (The April/May issue is pictured above,[…]

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