No Voltage in 2006

For Immediate Release
February 3rd, 2006

Contact: Anna Lee —

Anna Lee of Voltage: Fashion Amplified has the following announcement:

There will be no Voltage: Fashion Amplified in 2006.

A note from Ms. Lee.

On behalf of the Voltage: Fashion Amplified committee, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in Voltage these past two years. I would like to thank those who have contributed time and resources to putting on these shows, and thank the sponsors and organizations who demonstrated their commitment to the community, especially, but not limited to First Avenue, Youth in Music, Noiseland Industries, Vision Models, Olive and Moxie. It’s been inspiring to create an event like this and to watch it evolve.

Recently, I have come to the difficult decision not to produce a show in 2006.

In many ways, Voltage has become larger than the sum of its parts. It brings together so many elements of the local scene and so many talented people. Many outside the committee do not realize it takes six months to plan and just as long to recover. Putting on this show requires tremendous time commitments from those involved. I have built friendships and working relationships with the committee and have been inspired by them.

This is a thriving time in Minnesota fashion and music. It is our hope that with Voltage on the back burner for one year, other events will bubble up to take center stage this spring. Then Voltage will be back in 2007 with renewed energy and focus. Later this year look for announcements about Voltage ’07.

Thank you.
Anna Lee



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