Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2007 Press Release


The Twin Cities’ Premier Fashion and Music Event is Back, Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2007

Minneapolis, MN, January 2007 – Anna Lee, MNfashion and the Voltage Committee are excited to announce Voltage: Fashion Amplified 2007 and to release the names of the show’s bands and runway designers. The third incarnation of Voltage has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 at Minnesota‚Äôs premier music venue, First Avenue.

This year’s runway designers:
Annie Larson, Anne Selden, George Moskal, Hyper Lush, Katherine Gerdes, Kjurek Couture, Labrador, Laura Fulk, Meghan Brace, Peloria, Ra’mon-Lawrence, and Red Shoe Clothing.

This year’s band stylists:
Elizabeth Chesney & Mackenzie Labine, Greta Herman, Jahna Peloquin, Jenny O, Michelle Henry, and Reinvintaged!.

This year’s bands:
The Plastic Constellations, The Alarmists, The God Damn Doo Wop Band, Black Blondie, The Mood Swings, and Dance Band.

Voltage is expanding its base of influence and its ability to serve the local music and fashion communities. Proceeds from the show will benefit Springboard for the Arts and its “Artist’s Access to Healthcare” program.

The past success of Voltage has paved the way for an emerging non-profit, MNfashion. This organization is aimed at being a resource for our fashion community by providing professional development and resources so designers can establish a sustainable livelihood.

Inquires about Voltage should contact press@voltagefashionamplified.com. More information on Voltage related developments are available at www.voltagefashionamplified.com.


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